Church Life

There are 3 key purposes to church life and these can be summed up in the scriptures on which the Church focuses.

1) Bringing Unity - Psalm 133

God makes it clear and simple when it comes to knowing his blessing as a church and it comes out of being in unity with one another. 

Unity is achieved in our church by following and praying for those in authority over us, and having regular face to face fellowship with one another. 

2) Fuel for mission - Romans 8:26-27

The time that we spend together in God's presence is also for building us up to live a life of faith in the mission field. In the passage above we see that when we let go of our strength, we can trust God to provide us with all we need through his Holy Spirit. The Spirit intercedes for us as we let go of our agenda and worries and focus on prasing God.

3) Enduring Community - Genesis 32:22-32

It's easy to give up when life gets tough and many churches suffer from a lack of people willing to stick around through harder times. Jacob's experience of wrestling with God shows us a tenacity and strength of spirit that won through and wrought God's blessing.

As a church we pursue together the blessing of God, spurring each other on to keep going and not let go of what God has promised us.


It is these three articles that bring us together for the furthering of God's kingdom in Epping.