Pam's Story

As I look back over the last 36 years I can see God’s hand upon my life. My husband Barry and I moved into Fairfield Road at the north end of town which happened also to be the home of Epping Elim Church.

Barry and I were unable to have children so I put a lot of energy into my nursing career ending up as Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services in a large local hospital. This bubble lasted 5 years and without realising it my job and hospital became my god. Political winds blew and as NHS changes came about in the Thatcher years I was made redundant at 45.

Though it was over 20 years ago and not painful now it does smart occasionally. Initially I ploughed into the private sector  but quite soon I hit a wall of depression and began to drink heavily. Throughout this bleak period I was physically, emotionally and spiritually dead. I lost mega amounts of weight and was physically sick for weeks on end. I did not leave the house and had no confidence to drive and eventually took to bed. Barry and my family, particularly my sister, just loved me and cared for me but there was something missing. My sister who God had found a few years earlier used to come with her friends, without my knowledge, and pray outside the house, she would also pray with me on the phone.

It just so happened that where I lay for most of time I could see the people walking to and from the little church down the road. They all seemed to be happy whenever they passed and so one Sunday I decided that I was going to go. It took 2 weeks to prepare myself! As I entered I was welcomed by the very kind smile of David Bosher and in becoming part of the fellowship the people were caring, loving, friendly, discreet and supportive. God found me and I had found God. I was restored to full health in every way and I found myself becoming more and more involved knowing a fresh relationship with God and his people.

These days I am part of the leadership of Life Church and I find myself being used by God in all sorts of stretching ways, using my skills from my past careers or the time and resources available to me through not having a family of our own, to bless and help grow our church family. God is not short of purposes for us when we trust in him for our success!