Michelle's Story

I have been going to church for about 10 years and until March 2011 I didn't really know what it was all about, I found it hard to take part in a lot of it, that's why I spent so much time in the children's work!

By the time Mother's Day came around i'd experienced a miscarriage and I cried through most of the service that morning. People asked if they could pray for and when they did it was a big comfort and it was at that time I let Jesus into my life in a perosnal way.

I find it hard to read the Bible and find the best way to worship Jesus is through worship songs which I enjoy listening to at home as well as singing them in the church services.

I often felt left out in my childhood, feeling as though my family sometimes didn't really want me. I think now that I have the best family around me, my church family, which includes my husband David and my beautiful daughter Jessica. I never really had that many friends and I really want to thank the church for helping me through the bad times and the good times and sharing in them with me, I am thankful that they showed me the way to Jesus.