Geoff and Sue

Geoff and Sue's Story
About the age of 38 I was working for the district council in the Forest. There was a man with me who always read his Bible in break times and though I wasn't interested at first I eventually went to church with him. 
One weekend I went on a retreat with the church and during one service somebody stood up on stage and said that God was speaking to me. At that moment I just wept and although no one was physically touching me I really felt a sense of God's hand upon me. I then believed that God existed and so I gave my heart to Lord and have been a Christian ever since.
When I was 18 years old I lost both my mum and my grandparents. I subsequently went through a breakdown, experiencing severe depression, agorophobia and paranoia. It was in my early 30's that someone told me about Epping Elim Church and so I decided to go and give it a try. I felt very welcomed and began to find about out about Jesus. After three years, having made a decision to become a Christian, I got baptised, to show people I'd made my choice to follow Jesus. For 3 days after I remember feeling as though a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
I met and married Geoff at the church.
Sue and Geoff
In 2011 Geoff was due to retire and that's when he got ill. Having had tests done we found out that his kidneys were failing and needed immediate treatment.
This was a trying time and there was lots of shouting and tears, the pressure was on both of us and life was changing for the worse. Sometimes I doubted I was a true Christian but going to church and being encouraged through the messages and the prayers really lifted me.
To top off the year, the week before Geoff was due to begin his treatment training I ended up falling and breaking/fracturing both arms in Clacton, ending up in Colchester hospital for about 2 weeks. This made it harder for us both, though it brought us closer together as we prayed in the evenings. The Lord kept filling us with strength and without the love and practical help of the church we would never have gotten through it. From transport to meals to help with cleaning the house and hygiene the church was amazing, particularly our friend Pam who is a leader at the church, who went above and beyond for us.
We believe our heavenly Father is always there for us no matter what and what painful things happen in life our faith can always pull us through.