In October last year I went to the doctor feeling ‘uncomfortable’.  Nothing found and it was thought perhaps I had pulled a muscle in my chest.  However, if the discomfort continued I was to have a mammogram - I thought no more about it.  In late December was called in for the automatic three-yearly mammogram test, and shortly after Christmas I was called in for an ultra-sound scan and biopsy, which was very scary.   Before I went I asked the girls at church to pray for me.  One very significant prayer was that I would not drift into the ‘what if’ style of thinking.

Sure enough, when I went to see the oncologist it was confirmed that I had a malignant form of breast cancer, which

 would need chemotherapy, an operation and radiotherapy. Not the best news at the start of a New Year.   My reaction to this was quite surprising-Normally a complete coward I was totally at peace, and had complete confidence in God’s plan for my life, and in the NHS experts.  I felt that if God was calling me home now – then so be it (not that I particularly wanted to undergo pain and suffering).  The decision we made was to have the chemo first to try to shrink the tumour, then remove it, rather than go straight for a mastectomy and then chemo.    The full power of the NHS was impressive – I was in hospital the very next day for a check on my lymph nodes, umpteen scans during the week that followed, and chemo therapy starting within a fortnight of diagnosis.

Throughout all this upheaval my Christian friends had been praying for me and from the very first I had complete peace.  They were praying for a limited number of side-effects, and the shrinking of the tumour.  Both prayers were fully answered, and although sometimes the effects of the chemotherapy were dire, I was never bed-ridden or unable to walk the dogs every day, or unable to get on (more or less) with normal life.

As I write this I am nearing the end of radiotherapy, and once again the side-effects have been minimal, although a trip round the M25 every day for four weeks is a bit of a drag.

 So why has God allowed this to happen to me – I don’t know – but if I hadn’t had this problem I would never have known the incredible love and support of Dave-my husband- and my family and Christian friends, who constantly prayed for me, sent cards and gifts and ‘phoned to ask how I was. What I also learned was how close you can be to God in times of trouble.   I always found the ‘Footprints’ poem a bit twee- but actually it’s true-God can pick you up and carry you, keep your mind steady, and allow you to feel His love constantly.   I know He could have healed me instantly, but I trust that all I have been through was part of His plan.

If anyone would like to talk with me about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – Pastor Lee has my phone number.

Thanks for reading my story