Sundays @ Life Church

Sunday Services

As Life church, we desire to be at the heart of our community, bringing a different expression of church to add to the Christian variety in Epping.

We meet at the Box, St Johns Road, Epping

We have a contemporary blend of worship and we presently use the iSing Worship App for iPad, one of the most revoloutionary worship applications for the 21st Century to date. We also have  occassional live musical services.

Every service has with it a great provision of children's work co-ordinated by Linda Stringer and Cheery McCredie who primarily use 'Bubbles' the scripture union materials for sunday schools. You can see more about the kids work on their page!

Service times are always at 10:30.


The Box

St Johns Road



CM16 5DN

Telephone: 07468 790283