EPYC - Epping Young Christians

This ecumenical group meets once a month for children (7-11 years) and young people (11-18 years) from the churches of the Epping area and their invited friends.

EPYC offers local Christian children and young people from a range of churches and schools a chance to meet up to socialise, worship, learn about their faith, play games and work on projects. It also provides an opportunity for them to invite interested friends along and share their faith.

The sessions are planned and delivered by children’s workers and youth workers from across the churches who volunteer their time in addition to the time they give to their individual churches. EPYC needs local Christians who are passionate about helping children and young people to grow in their faith, who understand the power of ecumenical work in spreading the gospel and who feel called by God to give their time to plan and deliver monthly EPYC sessions or smaller interest groups, with either age range. If this is you, contact: Alison Dolan on 01992 576066.

There are plans this year to introduce smaller, special interest groups between the monthly meetings where children and young people can opt to take part in art, drama, music and dance as a response to God or take part in some more in depth learning around the Bible, prayer and charity work.See the calendar for dates of future events!

Volunteers from Life church are Cherry McCredie, Linda Stringer and Dave Head

(Photos top down: 1 & 2 are EPYC's dance group 'BLAZE' performing at Bright and Light, 3 is EPYC's Easter banner, made for the sunrise service on Stonards Hill)