Life Church Leaders


Pam Johns (Elder)

Pam is married to Barry and is a longstanding Epping resident. Semi-retired. Pam's work has been in midwifery, paliative care and NHS management. She now dedicates much of her time and skill to work for the church, particulary in the area of pastoral care, though there isn't an area of the church life that she is not involved in!.


John McCredie (Elder)

John is one of the longest serving members of the church, having been in it for nearely 25 years!

Coming to faith through Epping's first pastor, Brian Richardson, John brings to our leadership a wisdom, patience and gentle spirit that are synonymous with his character.

John is marriend to Cherry who is one of our children's ministry team and he is a manager for Netteswell Residents home in Harlow, working for the Shaftesbury Trust.


David Smith (Elder)

David is our finance director, using his many years of experience from running his own chartered financial advice company he blesses the church by keeping a keen, yet vision inspired, eye on the books. David runs a life group jointly with John McCredie and he also organises a montly service for a local residential home, Wensely house.

David is married to Brenda and together they are a great inspiration to our church